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Rubbish Removal in St Albans

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Rubbish Removal in St Albans

Affordable Waste Clearance in St Albans

Are you searching for a licensed and insured rubbish removal in St Albans? Look no further than our free comparison platform! We provide an extensive list of approved members who are fully licensed and insured, making finding the right rubbish clearance experts a breeze.

Our platform offers free quotes for a cheap waste clearance in St Albans, allowing you to compare prices and find the best deal to suit your needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of independently searching for waste removal services – use our convenient platform to quickly and easily book a rubbish clearance expert.

You can trust us to find you the most reliable and cost-effective rubbish removal services. Discover our platform today and begin receiving your free quotes by clicking the "Get Quotes" button at the top of the page, filling out the quote request form, and shortly afterward receiving affordable quotes from our approved members, all of whom are fully licensed and insured to carry out the job. 

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Available Rubbish Clearance Services

Domestic Rubbish Clearance

Bulky Item Collection

Sofa Disposal

Fridge Disposal

Freezer Disposal 

Fly Tipping Clearance

Shop Clearance

Office Clearance

School Clearance

White Goods Disposal 

Builders Clearance

Commercial Waste Removal

Electronic Appliance Collection

Mattress Disposal 

General Junk Clearance

Time to book a Rubbish Removal in St Albans?

Opting for a licensed junk removal service is a convenient and cost-effective option to eliminate unwanted clutter.


The straightforward four-step process ensures hassle-free waste removal in no time. These service providers are keen on earning your business, thereby keeping disposal expenses on the lower side.

Unsure of the quantity of junk that requires disposal? No worries. You can avail the "Pay to Fill" service, where the company arrives with an empty truck and prices are based solely on the space occupied by your junk at the end of the job.

This is akin to booking a skip, however, with the advantage of only paying for the used space, thereby avoiding excessive cost, effort, and space wastage. 

Click on the "Get Quotes"button and fill out the quotes request form.

Start receiving quotes from our licenced carriers in your area.

Compare the quotes received and book your clearance with your chosen company.

Your unwanted junk, or clutter will be collected and disposed of on a date convenient to you.

Government Approved Rubbish Clearance - Only Licenced Waste Carriers

Eliminate the hassle of searching for reliable and dependable rubbish removal companies!


Our reputable platform members are fully licensed and insured, providing a comprehensive range of waste removal services.

Get no-cost, no-commitment quotes from various rubbish removal companies using our straight forward price comparison platform. With our aid, you can make an informed decision and select the perfect company for your needs. Simply click the "Get Quotes" button, fill in the form, and quickly receive quotes from licensed and reputable waste clearance firms.

Stop wasting time looking for rubbish removal in St Albans, let us take on the challenging work for you!

As a licenced waste broker, Midas Touch's licence may be found here: Waste Broker Licence

In case of any doubts, you can refer to the Environment Agency website to validate our license. Further, you can authenticate the licensing and expertise of waste carriers who have provided you with quotes through our platform. By performing these verifications, you can rest assured that hiring a waste carrier recommended by MT Rubbish Removal for your debris or rubbish clearing requirements is entirely legitimate.

To verify this information, you can visit the Environment Agency website directly by clicking here: Environment Agency

Featured Companies

Below you'll find featured companies recommended for rubbish removal in St Albans

Rubbish Removal Companies

Rubbish Cleared Limited

Waste Carrier Registration (CBDU412632)

Tel: 020 3488 5215


Rubbish Removal Companies

PB Clearance

Waste Carrier Registration (CBDU412632)

Tel: 020 3488 1141


Waste Clearance in St Albans - Recent Customer Reviews

Rubbish Removal St Albans

Paul, St Albans

I recently used MT Services for a waste removal service and I couldn't be happier. They were incredibly professional, helpful, and efficient. The price comparison platform helped me find the best deal for my needs and the licenced and insured waste clearance companies made sure that all of my rubbish was disposed of safely and properly. I highly recommend MT Services for your rubbish clearance in St Albans needs!

Rubbish Clearance St Albans

Missy, St Albans

I used MT Services to find a waste removal company to carry out a rubbish clearance in St Albans and was really pleased with the results. The team was prompt and professional, and I got a free no obligation quotes  for my rubbish removal which were very competitively priced compared to other companies. Additionally, I felt safe knowing that they were fully licenced and insured. Highly recommended for any waste clearance in St Albans!

Waste Removal St Albans AL1

Trevor, St Albans

I recently had a great experience with MT Services when trying to arrange for a rubbish removal. They were able to provide me with accurate quotes, price comparisons, and assurance that all the rubbish clearancecompanies they worked with were licenced and insured. It was an overall great experience and I would highly recommend them if you're in need of a rubbish removal in St Albans.

Interesting Information About St Albans

Located in Hertfordshire, England, St Albans is a city renowned for its magnificent cathedral. Situated to the east of Hemel Hempstead and west of Hatfield, St Albans is positioned 20 miles (32 km) northwest of London, 8 miles (13 km) southwest of Welwyn Garden City and 11 miles (18 km) southeast of Luton. In ancient times, St Albans was the initial significant town on the Watling Street road leading north, and later on, it turned into the famous city of Verulamium. Being a part of the Greater London Built-up Area and situated within London's commuter belt, St Albans exhibits a thriving urban lifestyle.

St Albans: A Charming City Steeped in History

Tucked away in the lush surroundings of Hertfordshire, just a stone's throw from London, lies the quaint, picturesque city of St Albans. Renowned for its rich cultural heritage, fascinating historical sites, and bustling streets, this enchanting city is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to dive into the past while also experiencing the charm of a modern, vibrant town.

The city's name is derived from the first British saint, St Alban, who was martyred in Roman Britain some 1,700 years ago. His legacy still lives on today, with St Albans Cathedral standing as a testament to his martyrdom and subsequent sainthood. The cathedral was built over many centuries and boasts a stunning interior and magnificent stained glass windows that will leave you awestruck.

For those interested in the history of the city, a trip to the Verulamium Museum is a must. The museum houses a vast collection of artefacts and exhibits that illustrate St Albans' rich heritage, particularly regarding Roman Britain. Visitors can explore a reconstructed Roman villa and experience what daily life was like for the ancient Romans.

The town also has a thriving arts scene, with numerous galleries and theatres showcasing the best of local and international talent. The Trestle Arts Base, in particular, is worth a visit, where theatre, dance, and visual arts collide to produce truly mesmerising performances.

The city also boasts a bustling market, held every Wednesday and Saturday, where visitors can snap up everything from fresh produce and clothing to handmade crafts and souvenirs.

For nature lovers, St Albans has its fair share of parks and open spaces, with the Verulamium Park being a popular spot for families and picnickers. The park encompasses the remains of the ancient city of Verulamium and is home to various gardens, lakes, and an outdoor gym.

But the beauty of St Albans is not just limited to the historical or cultural sites. The city has a vibrant shopping scene, with charming boutiques, independent shops, and high-street brands lining its bustling streets. Restaurants, bars, and cafes can also be found at almost every corner, providing a diverse range of culinary experiences for foodies.

In conclusion, St Albans is a city that has something for everyone, whether you're a history buff, a lover of the arts, or just looking to explore a charming, dynamic town.

Five Facts About St Albans

1) St Albans has a population of approximately 148,000 people, making it the second largest city in Hertfordshire after Watford. (Source: Office for National Statistics, 2020)

2) The town possesses an average house price of £553,682, which is significantly higher than the Hertfordshire average of £461,809. (Source: Zoopla, 2021)

3) St Albans was ranked the 9th happiest place to live in the UK based on its residents’ quality of life, affordability, safety and natural beauty. (Source: Rightmove, 2020)

4) Between 2015 and 2019, the average weekly household income in St Albans increased by 9.2%, compared to the UK average increase of 7.6%. (Source: Office for National Statistics, 2020)

5) The town is home to several historic sites, including the Roman Verulamium, which was one of the largest cities in Roman Britain, and the 11th-century St Albans Cathedral. (Source: Visit Herts, 2021) 

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