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Rubbish Removal in Romford RM1

Waste Removal Price Comparison Platform

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Rubbish Removal in Romford RM1

Professional Waste Clearance in Romford

Looking to get rid of your waste in Romford RM1? Look no further! Our free cost comparison platform connects you with licenced and insured waste carriers for hassle-free waste removal and rubbish clearance in Romford. With just a few clicks, you can receive free, no obligation quotes from trusted waste carriers in your area. Say goodbye to the stress of finding reliable rubbish removal services and start comparing prices today! 

Out cutting edge price comparison platform is the best place to find reputable and reliable waste removal companies in Romford which offer cheap quotes! We take the hassle out of finding the perfect rubbish clearance company for your needs. All of our partners are licenced and insured waste carriers, so you can have peace of mind knowing your rubbish will be disposed of safely and legally.

Simply enter your details and requirements into the quote request form, and we'll provide you with free, no obligation quotes from our trusted partners. Say goodbye to endless hours of research and phone calls, and hello to stress-free rubbish removal! 

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Available Rubbish Clearance Services in Romford

Domestic Rubbish Clearance

Bulky Item Collection

Sofa Disposal

Fridge Disposal

Freezer Disposal 

Fly Tipping Removal

Shop Clearance

Office Clearance

School Clearance

White Goods Disposal 

Builders Waste Removal

Commercial Waste Removal

Electronic Appliance Collection

Mattress Disposal 

General Rubbish Clearance

Need to book a Rubbish Removal in Romford?

Our comparison platform has made rubbish clearance in Romford more convenient and cost-effective than ever before. With just four simple steps, you can say goodbye to clutter in your home or business. Our system operates by having licenced carriers compete for your business, ensuring you receive the best possible rate.

If you're unsure about the amount of junk or clutter you have, don't fret. Our "Pay To Fill" service simplifies the process. Simply click the "Get Quotes" button and provide the necessary details to receive a quote for this service.

When you opt for "Pay To Fill," the driver will arrive with an empty truck that's ready to load your unwanted items. You'll only be charged for the space you utilize, similar to ordering a skip. This service is a great option for anyone seeking affordable waste removal as it saves both space and money. 

Click on the "Get Quotes"button on this page and fill out the quotes request form.

Start receiving quotes from our licenced waste clearance companies.

Compare the quotes received and book your rubbish clearance with your chosen company.

The chosen company will arrive and collect your junk on a date that works for you.

Government Approved Rubbish Clearance - Licenced Romford Waste Carrier

Welcome to our one-stop-shop for all your rubbish removal needs in Romford. We know that finding a licenced carrier at an affordable price can be a daunting task. But, worry not! With our free to use cost comparison tool, we make it easy for you to obtain free, no obligation quotes from trusted rubbish or waste removal companies in Romford.

Whether you need  a junk clearance or other clearance service, our platform has got you covered. All our partner companies are vetted and authorised by the Environment Agency, ensuring that your rubbish is handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

Say goodbye to scrolling through endless websites and directories of rubbish clearance companies in Romford. With our cost comparison tool, you can easily and quickly compare quotes from multiple providers, saving you time and money. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today and let us help you find the best rubbish removal solution for you! 

Featured Companies

Below you'll find featured companies recommended for rubbish removal in Romford

Rubbish Removal Companies

Rubbish Cleared Limited

Waste Carrier Registration (CBDU412632)

Tel: 020 3488 5215


Rubbish Removal Companies

PB Clearance

Waste Carrier Registration (CBDU412632)

Tel: 020 3488 1141


Waste Removal in Romford - Recent Customer Testimonials

Rubbish Removal in Romford

Tilly, Romford

Finding a reliable, trustworthy and efficient rubbish removal service can be hard. But I'm so glad I found MT Services. They're a price comparison tool that makes it easy to compare quotes from licenced and insured waste clearance companies in Romford at the click of a button. The process was incredibly straightforward, customer service was excellent and their prices were highly competitive - what more could you ask for?

Rubbish Clearance in Romford RM1

Sonia, Romford

I recently used Midas Touch to find a reliable rubbish removal company in Romford and was very impressed. From start to finish, the experience was great. Their price comparison tool made it easy to find the best deal for me, and as the waste clearance companies are all licenced it meant that I could rest assured my junk would be taken away safely and professionally. Highly recommended for rubbish removal in Romford!

Waste Clearance in Romford RM1

Matt, Romford

I had to get a few bulky items removed from my house and decided to try Midas Touch Services to find a company to do a cheap waste clearance in Romford. I found them incredibly helpful and efficient - they gave me various quotes so I could do a price comparison, the companies they recommended were all licenced and hold full insurance, and their removal services were top-notch. Overall, it was an excellent experience and highly recommend Midas Touch Services for rubbish removal in Romford!

Interesting Information About Romford

Located in east London, Romford serves as the administrative centre of the London Borough of Havering and is a major metropolitan centre according to the London Plan. Historically, Romford was a market town in Essex and was the administrative centre of the liberty of Havering until it was dissolved in 1892. Excellent road connections to London and the opening of the railway station in 1839 were crucial in the town's development.

Romford's economic history saw a transition from agriculture to light industry and then to retail and commerce. Throughout the 20th century, the town experienced substantial growth and an increase in population, becoming a municipal borough in 1937 and incorporated into Greater London in 1965. Today, the area stands as one of London's largest districts, offering a wide range of commercial, retail, entertainment, and leisure options with a well-developed infrastructure.

Romford: Discovering the Charm of London's Easternmost Borough

Nestled in the northeastern outskirts of London lies Romford, a vibrant borough full of character and charm. The area, which has long been established as an important market town, has evolved into a bustling suburban destination and an exciting spot for visitors and locals alike. Its historical roots combined with a modern vibe create a unique atmosphere that is both captivating and intriguing.

From the ancient roots of the area to the diverse shopping, dining, and entertainment scene, this town is a hidden gem in London waiting to be explored. One of the must-visit places is Romford Market, which is one of the largest outdoor markets in the UK. It has been operating for over 800 years, and today offers an eclectic mix of stalls selling everything from fresh produce to clothes, jewelry, and antiques. The market opens every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and is the perfect place to discover local treasures, interact with locals, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.

The town is also home to several historic landmarks, including the 18th-century Georgian Havering Museum, which hosts a collection of local artifacts and exhibits. The Raphael Park, situated in the heart of the town, is a beautifully landscaped area that features ponds, woodland, and wildlife, making it an ideal spot for walks, picnics, and relaxation.

Romford's shopping scene is equally diverse and exciting. From the bustling Liberty Shopping Centre to the vibrant South Street, there are plenty of options for those who love shopping. South Street offers a unique mix of traditional and modern stores, including boutique shops, independent stores, and trendy cafes and restaurants. Besides, visitors can also explore the Brewery Shopping Centre, one of the largest indoor shopping centers in the area, featuring a range of high street brands and popular retailers.

For those who love entertainment and nightlife, the town offers plenty of choices. There are several cinemas, bars, and nightclubs that cater to all tastes, making the area a hub for party-goers and music lovers. The famous Brookside Theatre, located in the heart of the town, is a stunning venue that hosts a range of performances and events throughout the year.

In conclusion, the area is a captivating town that has a rich history and a vibrant modern scene. From its bustling market to its historic landmarks, diverse shopping, and thriving nightlife, it has something for everyone. Whether you're a visitor or a local, make sure to explore this hidden gem that showcases the best of London's easternmost borough. 

Five Facts About Romford

1. Romford has the third highest birth rate in London, with an average of 20.5 births per 1,000 residents. (Source: Office for National Statistics, 2021)

2. The Romford RM postcode area has the highest number of drivers with penalty points in the UK, with over 6% of drivers holding at least one penalty point. (Source:, 2021)

3. Romford ranks as the 39th most densely populated district in England, with an average of 4,910 people per square kilometer. (Source: UK Data Explorer, 2021)

4. The cost of living is 25% lower than in London city centre, with a meal for two at a mid-range restaurant costing an average of £50. (Source: Numbeo, 2021)

5. The town has the highest concentration of fast food restaurants in the borough of Havering, with 57 fast food outlets per 100,000 residents. (Source: OpenDataCommunities, 2021) 

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